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 What is Royal Rangers ? 

Royal Rangers is a worldwide "Scouting" type organisation to over 73 countries. It caters for children and young teens (5-17 years of age) and encourages positive spiritual, social, mental and physical growth, and is designed to provide youth with challenging activities while providing them with Christian instruction. A camping theme has traditionally been at the heart of most activities, although other non-camping activities are included as well. The program includes a merit award system whereby Royal Rangers must demonstrate specific knowledge and abilities.



 The Royal Ranger Pledge    


With God's help,

I will do my best to serve God, my church and my fellow man;

To live by the Ranger Code and make the Golden Rule, my daily rule.

 The Royal Ranger Camp    

Royal Rangers Wigan attended Eurocamp this year at Le Harve in France where there was 6,500 Rangers present.

All the Wigan Rangers are looking forward to the next Eurocamp in 2015, where we will meet Rangers from all over Europe again, it's Beyond Imagination.

2012  Royal Rangers STAR WARS CAMP 2012  Bispham Hall

Coming Soon Summer 2012

Bispham Hall Billinge

Royal Rangers Camp

price £30.00 per person

29th of June - 1st July

Contact Commander Keith

 Why Camping in this day and age?                          

Living together in the out-of-doors under proper guidance can instil qualities of

good citizenship and courtesy. Children learn the give-and-take of life. They share living

quarters and responsibilities, they play and work together and they share experiences.

They learn that cooperation, with each other doing their part, is necessary for a safe,

comfortable experience. Being other-centred, rather than self-centred, is part of our

biblical heritage that we need to teach the children ( Proverbs 22:6 ). Good citizenship, as a way of life, comes through happy, satisfying,

personal participation which must begin with children if we expect them to grow into

Christian leaders who are willing to sacrifice for Christ and for their fellowman. Camping

experiences are natural opportunities for boys and girls to see the differences and

likenesses of other children with whom they come in contact. Camping creates a better

understanding amongst children. Living together in camping breaks down artificial

barriers, which may have stood between them because of family, economic, or cultural


Search the Bible:

Examples: Psalm 27; John 15
love one another; Psalm 23

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  More Information      

You can get more information from The Royal Rangers international website at

Also the United Kingdom website can be found at



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